Ljubljana meeting of D-Tasting project

On 4 and 5 April 2022, the meeting of the D-Tasting project took place in Ljubljana at the venue of Ljubljana Biotechnical Educational Center (BIC).


D-Tasting is an innovative project funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Union that focuses on new digital skills for digital tasting.


Digital tasting is a practice that companies have intensified especially during the pandemic when unable to organize tastings in person, they started doing it online. Initially perceived as a limit, digital tasting soon turned into an opportunity.


If well structured, these remote tasting experiences through platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet, can in fact represent an added value for companies. But in order to be exploited to the fullest, these new digital experiences require specific skills.


The D-Tasting project aims precisely to define, validate and transfer these new competencies.


During the two days meeting, project partners shared their knowledge and best practices. They also started planning the implementation of the intellectual output of the project. In particular, the skillset framework and the course design. The aim is to train digital tasting skills through microlearning.


Indeed, the D-Tasting partnership is made up of European best players in the food and wine training and schools at European level such as BIC (Slovenian leader of the project), Mediterraneo Culinary Center of Valencia and Intercollege of Cyprus. They are joined by business partners such as Amico del Vino (Holland) and technical partners such as Blended Training (Portugal), EFCOCERT (Switzerland) and i-strategies (Italy).


The next meeting will be held in Italy (Offida, Marche region).

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