D-Tasting Interim Meeting: Offida

Digital Wine Tasting: a new frontier of Wine Tasting

One of the challenges that European wine companies had to face during the pandemic was related to the question: how to keep in contact with clients if physical wine tasting is not allowed because of covid-19 restrictions?

It is starting from this concrete need of many Italian wine companies that, as i-strategies innovation, we developed in collaboration with project partners, the concept of the DTasting Project. The project is funded by the European Union thanks to the Erasmus+ Programme.

The project aims to train the new skills, mostly digital skills, needed to organize and manage a distance wine tasting using #videoconferences: from the selection of wine bottles to the wine shipping; from the management of a video call to the digital #winestorytelling and more.

The result of the project will be a microlearning course as an open educational learning resource available for schools, VET and universities interested in introducing newly certified #digitalwineskills in their curricula.

The partnership was very happy to meet in Offida to discuss the ongoing project and look forward to the final meeting in the Netherlands!

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