New digital skills for wine and food EU sector

D-TASTING is an innovative project funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the Europen Union to develop new digital tasting skills in the wine and food sector.

Digital tasting is a new wine&food experience that companies developed under the pandemic to keep in contact with their clients, especially when they are abroad. Through platforms such as zoom, digital tasting consists of an on-line tasting of products – previously shipped to clients – tasted during online calls in which companies and clients interact with each other.

In the context of travel restriction, digital tasting has replaced physical events strengthening the European companies resilience under the pandemic. However, to better deploy their effect in terms of employability and economic recovery, these news skills need to be well identified, certified and disseminated through Open Educational Resources [OER]. The objective is to favour the emergence of a new European professional figure: the digital taster.

Digital Taster is a new and emerging European professional figure able to combine, in a creative way, the traditional technological and social skills needed for wine&food marketing (Design and creation of marketing materials, e-commerce, social media marketing) with the new digital skills necessary to overcome the pandemic (creation of digital tasting formats, video conferences management, wine&food netiquette, Digital scent technology).

D-Tasting project consortium is composed of an international network of partners led by BIC, six official partners [Blended Training (PT), EFCOCERT (Switzerland), Amico del Vino (NL), Intercollege (Cyprus), Mediterraneo Culinary Center (ES), i-strategies (Italy)] and an associate partner (Ciu Ciu Tenimenti).

The project, started on December 2021, will be implemented through 24 months of activities.

Stay tuned to learn more! 

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