D-Tasting – Framework and Design of the Digital Wine Syllabus

In an era where digital transformation is impacting every sector, the Food and Wine industry is not being left behind. The D-Tasting project is at the forefront of bringing this digital revolution to vocational education and training (VET) in the sector, particularly in response to the societal changes caused by COVID-19.

One of the primary goals of the D-Tasting project is the development of digital skills for the new normal, with an emphasis on virtual tastings. The aim is to bridge the gap between VET and the workplace through innovative digital solutions that harness the potential of digital resilience activities, like virtual tastings.

Today, we are pleased to announce a significant breakthrough in this project: The completion of the “Framework and Design of the Digital Wine Syllabus”. This achievement marks the first Project Result (PR1) of the D-Tasting venture and sets the foundation for future progress.

This novel syllabus is part of a broader course design concept that aims to offer Microlearning courses on digital wine and food tasting. These bite-sized, focused learning resources will provide learners with the necessary digital skills and knowledge about wine and food tasting, equipping them for the rapidly evolving industry.

The progress of the D-Tasting project doesn’t stop at the development of these digital resources. The next steps include technical development of the microlearning course (PR2), which will build upon the foundation laid by the Digital Wine Syllabus. This course will then be put to the test in a Blended Learning Activity where the newly minted digital competencies will be certified through Open Badge technology (PR3).

This initiative’s alignment with the EU Farm to Fork Strategy, which advocates for a sustainable food system, further enhances its relevance and potential for positive impact. By incorporating the content and values of this strategy into VET in the Food and Wine sector, the D-Tasting project aims to contribute to both economic and societal recovery post-COVID-19.

With the reveal of the Digital Wine Syllabus, the D-Tasting project not only sets a precedent in the Food and Wine sector but also stands as a testament to the power of digital transformation in education. The project’s partners are eagerly looking forward to rolling out the upcoming phases and continuing to innovate within this exciting space.

Want to have a look to the syllabus? Visit: https://www.dtasting.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Digital-Wine-Tasting_Mico-Learning-Course_Syllabus_V4.pdf

Visit https://www.dtasting.eu/results/ to access all the results already available for the D-tasting project

Stay tuned for more updates on this revolutionary journey towards digital mastery in the world of Food and Wine.

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